Portland State University School of Social Work


Portland State University School of Social Work 

The Graduate School of Social Work offers the fundamental graduate social work preparing ventures in Oregon affirm by the Council on Social Work Education. The School was made at Portland State University in 1961 by a determination of the Oregon Legislature.

The Graduate School of Social Work is centered around the change of the individual and society. Further values and feelings join a commitment to social change and to the fullfillment of social value for all society, the destruction of destitution, the reinforcing of ill-used social orders, the benefit out of every other person on earth and get-togethers to center their own specific destinies, and the opportunity to live in concordance and support.

While the School keeps up an excellent obligation to these qualities, it sees the necessity for joining with others in general society coliseum who are advancing toward this same reason. The School has an informational framework including five auxiliary portions:

The Master of Social Work Program, which gets prepared specialists with forefront, informative aptitudes vital for self-facilitated and mindful social work through obsessions in Direct Human Services, Community-Based Practice, or Social Service Program Management.

The Distance Graduate Education Option, which utilizes a blend of on area rule, gathering based field course, and courses passed on through the web to extend access to the M.S.W. framework to understudies living in out of reach regions in the state of Oregon.

The Ph.D. in Social Work and Social Research Program, which gives moved preparing to get prepared specialists for instructing, examination, and power parts in the human and social organizations.

The Regional Research Institute for Human Services, which helpers upgrade human organizations through joined social examination. This examination reviews social issues and organization needs and makes and evaluates practice and methodology advancements.

The Center for the Improvement of Child and Family Services consolidates our Child Welfare Partnership, made in 1994, which unites Portland State University and the Oregon Department of Human Services in guideline and get ready tasks to upgrade the transport of youth welfare organizations to children and families in Oregon.

Solid with the destinations of Portland State University and the Oregon State System of Higher Education, the three foremost limits of the School are training, examination, and gathering organization. Instructing is facilitated toward arranging effective and inventive social workers who are moral and socially fit.

Social workers make sense of how to serve individuals and families direct, evaluate practice, make and control tasks, mastermind neighborhoods and gatherings, dismember social systems, conduct research, and begin essential changes of existing practice, ventures, and methodologies.

Investigation and gift focus on understanding, neutralizing, and improving social issues. Bunch organization incorporates group situated attempts with individuals and relationship to make headways in social welfare organizations and systems.

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